Compare 2020 INFINITI QX50 vs 2020 Mercedes GLC 300

2020 Mercedes GLC 300



2020 Mercedes GLC 300

23 city / 29 hwy*

Fuel Economy

22 city / 29 hwy*
268 HP


255 HP
2.0L 4cyl Turbo


2.0L 4cyl

Serving Atlanta, Duluth, and Lawrenceville

It is arguably true that both the INFINITI QX50 and the Mercedes GLC 300 are sport utility vehicles. The two cars have high-end performance. It may be an uphill task to decide the best one to choose from. At the culmination of this article, you will have acquainted yourself with each of the vehicles features and differences. Without any further ado, let’s get racing.

General appearance

The two vehicles have an elegant appearance, which is alluring. Both cars can accommodate five passengers comfortably. The QX50 has a more elegant front end that embraces the look and feel of a sports car while also retaining the distinguished hood of a luxury vehicle. The GLC 300 has an elongated front end that looks unproportionate to the rest of the vehicle. The QX50 carries more room for you head and shoulders at 41 inches and 57.9 inches, respectively. The GLC has 37.8 inches of head room and a shoulder room of 57.3 inches. Both vehicles were redesigned in 2020.

Engine performance

As a potential car owner, you may pay keen attention to your preferred vehicle’s engine performance. The GLC has a 2.0L engine capacity. Besides that, the Mercedes is equipped with turbo, and it is a 4-cylinder engine. The Infinity QX50 boosts of a 4-cylinder turbo engine. The QX50 engine produces 268 horsepower and its counterpart, the GLC, produces 255 horsepower. In terms of torque, the GLC has a torque capacity of 273 lb-ft compared to the Infinity, which has a torque capacity of 280 lb-ft. In terms of fuel consumption, the GLC consumes 21 MPG while driving in the city, and its counterpart, the QX50, consumes 23 MPG while still driving in the town.


Every car owner would like to be assured of his/her safety while driving. The QX50 is equipped with a rear automatic braking system. The back-braking systems work together with the rear sensors to prevent any rear collisions or accidents. The GLC 300 is not equipped with this type of feature. The GLC and the QX50 are equipped with the passenger and driver airbags, knee airbags, side head airbags, and front side-impact airbags. Full suite air-bag systems are highly recommended in any vehicle to help keep all passengers safe.

Take an Online Test Drive

You can take an online virtual test drive right now for the QX50. While on the online test drive, you will get to have a 360 degree of the vehicle’s interior and you will able to look outside the windows. To view the backseat of the car and to look left or right, click and drag your mouse from left to right, or up to down. You can also experience the full 360 online test drive through your mobile phone in which you press and drag your finger, or physically move the phone from left to right to look around. While exploring the interior of the car, make sure to look to the driver’s seat to get a view of your personal salesperson who will walk you through all the new features the QX50 has to offer. This online test drive will allow you to experience the performance, safety, and infotainment features firsthand from the convenience of your screen. When you’re ready to buy a car online, it is advisable to take an online virtual test drive. This will enable you to determine whether the vehicle is suitable for your needs. Just click on the red “Take a Virtual Test Drive” button to experience your own personal online virtual test drive.

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All figures are EPA estimates. Actual mileage may vary.